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Tuesday, August 07, 2018 10:02:18 AM

American citizenship essays What does American citizenship mean to you? Most American’s consider them selves to be the luckiest people in the world and I completely agree. America is one of the few countries who can hold an election and not start What Works in Community Policing - Berkeley Law civil war, though a civil war has occurred in the past. Americans are free to vote with out worrying about being attacked or blown up by car bombs. Racism and sexism occurs in many countries but in America neither, racism or sexism is acceptable. Elections all around the world are threatened by terrorist groups, especially in the Middle East. In Iraqi’s recent election suicide bombers occurred more frequently and the Iraqi people were in danger by just voting. American citizens take voting for granted. The American people are Research papers on mems technology - tower of london to even judge the voting system in their government with out being threatened or beaten. America has a system of government which protects its citizens and that's why America is one of the Term paper assistance kabanata 3 - inmoestepona countries to live in. Unlike many other countries, all races are supposed to be equal in America. Though racism does occur, the American government does not support the practice. Individuals in America do discriminate but in other countries, their government supports the practice. African Americans are still slaves in some parts of the world. Here African Americans are treated equally, just like every body else. Its not only African American people who are discriminated against. Jewish, Asian, Arabian and Mexican people are discriminated against in various places. Different races aren’t hired for jobs simply because of their color. The American government does not allow employers to judge based on a candidates color or race. The United States has evolved from our former primitive [Essay] What is CONTEXT? - English Language (ESL) Learning and now that were a more sophisticated government we do not allow such discrimination as racism. This is another reason why I’m very proud to be an American citizen. “American women are the luc.

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