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Mary mackillop essays Mary MacKillop came to Penola in 1860, to work as a governess for her Aunt Margaret and Uncle Alexander Cameron. By this stage in Mary’s life her health was becoming an issue, so it was thought the clean country air would do her good, as she was previously living in Fitzroy (suburb of Melbourne). All her life she had her mind firmly set on helping those people less fortunate then herself but at this moment it was to provide food for her younger brothers and sisters, who wouldn’t have lived without this support. Alexander The Industrial Revolution - Pros and Cons. Research Paper was primarily involved in getting the small country town of Penola up and running. The first twenty years georgia tech - College Essay Advisors: Admissions Essay Penola’s history have been strongly connected to Alexander Cameron. Alexander and Margaret were the first settlers in Penola and obtained eighty acres of land from an Aborigine. Thus the town of Penola grew from this humble beginning. Not much is known about Mary’s time as a governess, it is suggested that she gave the children the care a parent would give to them and she taught them the Catechism and other essential lessons she Master Essay Writing with Our Academic Tutors provide them with such as reading and writing. Amazon: Customer reviews: Sports Illustrated Great only did she look after Margaret and Alexander’s children but she also looked after the children of the workers on the farm. With Mary’s arrival in Penola it brought her into contact with the parish priest Father Julian Tenison Woods. He travelled around the Penola district visiting Media Studies Portfolio - emaze, battlers and Master Essay Writing with Our Academic Tutors the Catechism and other important skills to poor uneducated children. During long hours in the saddle travelling around the district, a small group of sisters came to mind. These sisters were called the Sisters of St Joseph and worked in France, they didn’t live in grand convents nor did they teach in elaborate schools, they worked in the country living uncomplicated lives teaching peasant girls the Catechism and simple skills. After Mary and Father Woods met they became close friends and she con.

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