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Sunday, August 05, 2018 11:06:26 PM

Effects of a good teacher essays Effects of a Good Instructor I think the easiest way to learn something is by learning it from someone who not only knows what he or she is talking about, but who also can keep it so simple that the student can grasp what they are being taught. An enthusiastic instructor has a better chance of successfully teaching. A good instructor should also be able to motivate the student to learn by keeping the subject interesting so the student will pay attention. Consequently, the student Information and communications technology (ICT) Essay in a good frame of mind to receive the education. The end result is that the student will retain what he has learned. A good instructor should keep the subject interesting, which plain and simple makes it easier to learn. First off, having a good instructor set a tempo Workplace Conflict Resolution: 10 ways to manage employee helps the class pay attention to what is being taught keeps the class alert. This can be accomplished by the teacher enthusiastically instructing his class. Students can sense when a teacher is enjoying what they are doing. Information and communications technology (ICT) Essay, the students will pull from that enthusiasm which makes it easier to learn because the students don’t really mind putting the time into the class. Being somewhere you want to be is definitely more enjoyable than the opposite! Instructors that smile, joke around a little, keep it light and laugh are usually thought of as being a cool teacher. Having a “cool” instructor can motivate you TASK #7 Introduction to writing the Document Based learn. Secondly, an instructor who can motivate a student to learn by action, thought, history or whatever works at the moment, gives the student a reason to learn. Having a reason to learn sets the bar for goals that the student wants to accomplish. When the bar has been set, the students now become interested in what they Mary Schmich Wear Sunscreen Speech - Symphony of Love learning. Finally, when an instructor reaches the stage that the students are interested in the subject, the students will want to come back again and again until their thirst for knowledge is quenched. Ha.

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