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Resourceful odysseus and his lack of restraint essays Homer's The Odyssey illustrates the faults of men as well as the resourcefulness of a Hero. Odysseus finds himself in situations where his life is endangered. It takes multiple tests of his restraint and resourcefulness Rhetoric Project - Hard Essay - A treatise on Good Manners him to finally return home to Ithaka and receive a hero=s homecoming. Although, these test do not make Odysseus grow as a character, it allows him to recognize his own faults, his own desires and ultimately his biggest strength which is his resourcefulness. Odysseus shows a lack of restraint when it comes to women and pride which prolongs his journey home and is only able to relieve himself of these situations through his own resourcefulness. To begin, we see how Odysseus learns when he tells of his encounters starting with book nine. When Odysseus and his men landed on the island of the cyclops, they proceeded as if the cyclops were governed by the same laws of hospitality that the other islands were. This experience soon proved to be a true test of Odysseus restraint and ability to think quickly. Odysseus made the mistake of assumption, a fault of men, that the cyclops would be hospitable. Odysseus and his men soon find after entering the cave of Polyphemus that they had not been very smart. They immediately began helping themselves Cold water immersion: kill or cure? - Tipton - 2017 food and drink showing no restraint whatsoever. As Polyphemus enters the cave to find Odysseus and his men there, he blocks the only exit. When the men realize what Lion predation on elephants · john hawks weblog got themselves into Odysseus=s quick thinking allows him to see that he cannot kill Polyphemus right away because he is the only one who is strong enough to move the boulder from the door. Odysseus thus devises a plan to get Polyphemus drunk and blind him. Next they clung to the under bellies of the sheep to get out of the cave without the blind Polyphemus noticing. It was because of this test for Odysseus=s life and the life of his remaining men that he was able to call upon his strength of intellect to get them.

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