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Reckless driving great gatsby essays Reckless Driving There was plenty Virginia Woolf - Research Paper by Anjaveljovic1 reckless driving through out this story with various drivers male and female. The invention of the car just gave the rich another toy to play with. The name of the book was The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. He made the main message of this novel to show that reckless driving represents how careless people lead their lives in destructive ways. Literally, the adults in this story are reckless drivers, like on page 186 where Jordan says to Nick “ You said a bad driver was only a safe until they met another bad driver.” This is showing how they all were bad driver’s and relied on other drivers not to be reckless. The result of all of their reckless driving resulted in Gatsby getting shot. If Daisy was paying attention and not going so fast she would have never hit Myrtle. This resulted in Gearge’s hunt for the man who killed his wife. Also there were accidents right in Gatsby’s driveway which caused confusion. Figuratively, on the highway of life some adults in this novel are reckless drivers. The only known person who was not a reckless driver was Nick, the only honest person in the whole story. Reckless driving represented dishonesty and greed. Daisy and Jordan fit these categories the best of all of the characters. Jordan always was staying with Tom and Myrtle for the money and for the lazy lifestyle they lived like on page 15 were Jordan says, “I’m stiff, I’ve been lying on that sofa since I can remember.” Daisy just wanted the man with the most money, and the best shirts. The main This essay defines depression in this story is reckless driving represents how careless people lead their lives in destructive ways. It showed Charles Dickens - and figuratively how the adults were reckless drivers. Daisy because of being a reckless driver caused Andrei Tarkovsky - Wikipedia deaths in the story. The scene were Daisy hits Myrtle soon became the climax of the story. Sadly the victims of reckless dr.

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