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Tuesday, August 07, 2018 9:21:31 PM

Being kool essays Being cool what does it really mean? It means your peers respect you for who you are. Not for whom they want you to be. Before people were characterized because of there social standing. Cool kids where the ones were popular because they drank got high and were trouble makers. Nerds were the one’s who would studying on a Friday night while all there peers were out partying. But that’s not the case no more nerds are the thing of the past. Not only are they smart College Essay Editing Service Reviews - Running head: LAB they are cool now because they would rather think about there future not the present. When students make he transition from middle school to high school, they change there characters so the could “be cool”. Your friends that you knew Module 2 Section H: Customer Relationship Management (CRM since elementary are know smoking drugs and drinking. When you ask them why are they doing this for, College Essay Editing Service Reviews - Running head: LAB reply “because it’s cool”! Kids think smoking and drinking is what really makes Writing the Self-Evaluation Document (SED) for periodic review cool. When they talk to there parents, they talk to them rudely to them. Talking back and not really taking there parents seriously. One of my friends that I knew ever since pre-school was one of these kids who would do anything to be cool. When he came to high school, he didn’t care bout anything his parents, friends or his education. He would always get arrested for the dumbest things. One time he stole a kid’s bike just for the heck of it. He gave the bike to someone and walked away. The police found him because the kid pointed him out near the scene of the crime. He would always come to school bragging how he got arrest and that he’s getting charged for it. But being cool doesn’t mean you have to get arrested or even get high and drunk. Being cool really is that your peers respect you for being yourself. Now the whole thing about being cool shifted. From getting arrested, high and drunk, to being academically smart. All the kids are College Essay Editing Service Reviews - Running head: LAB now cause of the lesson they learned from their teac.

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