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Man vs. himself essays h, he’ll be able to prove to others that he was “well liked” because his funeral will be massive. ”Oh, Ben, that's the whole beauty of it! I see it like a diamond, shining in the dark, hard and rough, that I can pick up and touch in my hand. Not like -- Word limits and requirements of your Degree Committee an appointment! This would not be another damned-fool appointment, Ben, and it changes all the aspects. Because he thinks I'm nothing, see, and so he spites me. But the funeral -- Ben, that funeral Dreams Poem by Langston Hughes - Poem Hunter be massive! They'll come from Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire! All the old-timers with the strange license plates -- that boy will be thunder-struck, Ben, because a Dream Come True Free Essays - studymode never realized -- I am known! Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey -- I am known, Ben, a Dream Come True Free Essays - studymode he'll see it with his eyes once and for all. He'll see what I am, Ben! He's in for a shock, that boy!” (Miller, II.vii) Willy, a moment later gets in his car, only to commit suicide, because he’s unable to reach self-fulfillment. Another character, Hamlet, whose father is killed and comes back as a ghost hoping that his son Hamlet will avenge his death, is killed. Hamlets whole purpose in life was to seek revenge for his beloved fathers murder. In order to avenge his father’s death he had to kill his Uncle, King Claudius. Hamlet was given many opportunities to kill King Claudius, yet always hesitated to do so. One very distinct opportunity was when Hamlet found Claudius alone in his room praying to be fo.

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