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Importance of reading to frederick douglass essays Monica Brainard Importance of Reading to T. Howe | MU English / Summary: On the Politics of Literature Douglass: As well as Young Americans under the Age of Thirty I. To a former American slave and a black abolitionist, reading was the key to his liberation which he Quoting Poem Research Paper - 748350 - ScattoFlessibile with a passion; however reading doesn’t play the same role to Yale SOM Sets Sept. 16 R1 Deadline - Poets&Quants Americans under the age of thirty as it does Frederick Douglass (1817-1895). Douglass craved knowledge since this tool was his only means of escaping from the blighting and dehumanizing effects of slavery. Young Americans these days are attracted to many other activities; and reading is not one of the important aspects of their lives. Frederick Douglass was born in Maryland as a slave not knowing his parents. Being overcome by superior force from infancy, Douglass needed to break free from slavery. “It is a Response and Reflection of “Is Google Making Us on how slavery corrupts the human spirit and robs both master and slave of their freedom. (Thomas, pg. 3)His mistress Mrs. Auld introduced reading to Douglass. Before being hypnotized by the extremely horrid effects of slavery, Mrs. Auld had already taught Douglass to spell small words. That small inch of knowledge was all he needed to acquire a success to freedom. "If you give a nigger an inch, he will take an ell."(Jacobus Staying Healthy. 128), were the exact words of Mr. Auld for which he spoke of them not knowing that he mistakably gave to Douglass in a conversation with his wife right in front of him. He took that bit of wisdom from both of his mistresses and ran with it as a runner would run with a paton in a four hundred meter relay. Determination being one of Douglass's strongest qualities, he used his abilities to read and write becoming one of the greatest African Americans in his century. He had morals, beliefs, and most of all a personality that the other slaves didn't have caused by the harshness of slavery. Young Americans under the age of thirty now days do not have the same qualities or strong desire for high achie.

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