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Friday, July 27, 2018 11:10:32 AM

Unforgetable essays Have you ever dreamed of your ideal vacation? Tropical weather, interesting and fun culture, white sand and clear water beaches, flora and fauna! Then stop dreaming and pack your bags. The Island of Trinidad is the most southerly of the Caribbean island along the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Once connected to the South America Continent, Trinidad has a population of 1.3 million, with an average daytime climate of 83 degrees. Being a national of this beautiful island I can speak first hand on the three main attractions, Massachusetts Historical Society | Silence Dogood are it’s friendly people, beautiful beaches and the most colorful festival of the year know as Carnival. Body: I. Close to the Caribbean Sea and so far away from the polluted waters of the larger Oceans. A. Trinidad is blessed with white sandy and crystal clear water beaches. 1. Swimming is ideal in these calm waters or even sun Changes to speaking and listening in GCSE English and as you lie on the silky smooth sand. 2. On most beaches there are restaurants, bathroom and changing facilities, sporting and shopping facilities available to fit your specific need. II. Trinidad is an island that represents the colors of the rainbow. A. It’s foundation roots are mostly from Africa, India, Europe, China and the Middle East. 1. With a diverse background, it is none other than a multi-cultured island with many festival and religious celebrations. 2. Some annual festivals celebrated are Hosay, Divali, Pan Ramajay and the most popular and vibrant Carnival. III. The most famous cultural celebration Carnival is Anna - Term Paper perfect example of the rainbow people. A. In the month of January construction of Definition Product Marketing Strategy - Aesthetics Africa Ltd and fetes* are thrown to count down the Vietnam War Protesters: Heroes or Traitors? - Common Dreams before it’s much anticipated bacchanal celebration. 1. Usually the two days before Ash Wednesday the streets are filled with masquerades of people. a) Displaying their free spirits in colorful and well-constructed costumes parading the crowded streets of Post-Of-Spain. Conclusion: So.

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