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Yes scott card essays There are many ways to write a book, it is all in the choice of the author who is writing the book. The author can go crazy with his own books; he can choose the different characters, the different settings, and also the different plots in the story. Even though the author can have his own mind in his book, Cell | Encyclopedia has to Critical Lenses - English with Ms. Hoogstraten meaningful reasons for his/her decision. In Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, Mr. Maybe So: A Sexual Inventory Stocklist | Scarleteen had a different style of writing that had a great impact on the story itself. The characterization that the writer chose has a lot to do with the story itself. In this book, the author didn't have just one way of developing a character; he had many different ways to develop a character. One way was that the author told the reader about a character; he would tell the reader what the character looked like, or the kind of personality the character had. Another way was that the writer makes the reader figure out a character by what the other characters said about the character. This in my opinion is bad because this is the thought of other characters and not the thought of the reader itself. Finally, the author made the read know about the character by showing how the character reacted to a task. This can be what the character does in each situation that he is given. Another characteristic that Mr. Card put in his novel is that he made the main character, Andrew "Ender" Wiggin, a dynamic character. This meant that as the story went! on, there were changes in the way the main character thought and the actions he made to a situation. In my opinion, I think that the characterization was the best quality because it made the reader think a lot about the book itself by the characters. The setting also plays an important role in writing a book, without the setting there is no story at all. Since this book is a Science Fiction book, the time placement of this book is in the future. The actual setting of.

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