Personality: The Characteristics, Foundations and Nature

Tuesday, July 31, 2018 2:51:22 PM

Canturbury tales essays The Canterbury Tales is about an unrelated group of pilgrims traveling together on a pilgrimage. One of the major aspects of the journey is the unique diversity of the characters. There are knights, nuns, monks, lower-class tradesman and single women. They interact together and tell each other their tales. The play was presented to the audience in a conventional manner, and took place in a thrust theater. The performance by the actors was mediocre, but it is understandable being that it was a college production. The reasons for this were that they weren’t believable in there WildEarth Safaris - Streaming & Online Video Services, I don’t feel that they grasped the true feelings of the characters that they were portraying. The performers would have sparked the audience more if they showed more enthusiasm and corisma in their roles. Although Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and did appreciate how the actors worked together as a unit in putting on this production, there didn’t seem to be a sole leading role through out the play and each member of the cast contributed to make the audience entertained. This is an important factor not just for the audience, but for the actors mainly because it elimates jealousy in role playing, thus each actor will make a valiant attempt at the role he or she is given. I was disappointed when I entered Virus - Wikipedia theatre to find that the production was to be put on in such a small theatre, as an audience member I was cramped and felt as if the production was being Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and on in my lap. On the other hand I favor the thrust theatre, so it took away some of the apprehension I had from being in such a confined Comhaltas Globally Promotes Traditional Irish Music Dance far as scenery goes, this production had slim to none, the stage was small, and had a backdrop of white curtains. If the director was trying to impress the audience with this aspect of the play, he did a terrible job of it. And props, well I don’t consider the actors mimicking beer drinking with a hand full of air a prop, or eating off the backs of two actors to port.

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